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Silo Man-Way & Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve Combination

Silo Accessories Silo Accessories Silo Accessories Silo Accessories
  • 22" or 31" Man-way & Pressure Relief Valve Combination
  • Innovative Clamp & Seal Design Guaranteed Water & Dust Tight
  • Pressure / Vacuum Relief Valve
  • Hinged Tooless Entry Inspection
  • Powder Coated Mild or Stainless Steel Mounting Flange
  • Anti-Corrosion Galvanized or Stainless Disc
  • Knife / Neoprene Closure Device (Guarantees Perfect Closure and Eliminates Sticking)
  • Spun Aluminum or Stainless Rain / Vent Cover
  • (3) Spring Adjustable Tension
  • High Air Volume Relief Capacity

Paddle Point Level Indicators

Silo Accessories Silo Accessories
MIX North America offers one the most robust paddle type level indicators available on the market. In addition, Mix offers the most comprehensive range of point level Control & Continuous Level Control for any application.

Product Range:
    Point level Control
    • Paddle Type
    • Vibratory Tuning Fork
    • Capacitance Type
    Continuous Level Control
    • Laser
    • Radar
    • Guided Microwave (Excellent for dusty environments)
Note: Consult Factory For Application Recommendation and Details.

Aeration Nozzles, Aeration Pads, Aeration Disc

MIX North America once again has bridge the cap between performance & price offering a truly awesome range of aeration & flow devices for silos and hoppers.

Silo Accessories Silo Accessories Silo Accessories Silo Accessories
Aeration Range:
  • Aeration Disc
  • Aeration Pad
  • Aeration Nozzles
  • Porous Plastic Aeration Diffuser Membrane (Prevents product from adhering to membrane, enhanced air distribution, abrasion resistant, sanitary & reduced maintenance)
  • Efficient
  • Stainless Product Contact Parts
  • Galvanized Air Connections
Vibratory Flow Devices:
  • Air Cushioned (Silent) Pneumatic Piston
  • Ball Type Vibrator
  • Silent Turbine Type Vibrator
  • Eccentric Electric Vibrator
  • Aeration Installation Kit Complete w/ the Following:
    • Required Fittings
    • Vinyl Polyflo Tubing
    • SkillAir tm High Efficiency Filter Regulator
    • MixAir tm Quick Acting Diaphragm Solenoid Valve
  • Outside Mounting Aeration Pad Installation Kit
  • MixAir tm Quick Acting Diaphragm Solenoid Valve
  • Electric Motor Starters

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