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MIX North America offers a complete range of Pinch Valves w/ the following features:

  • Cast Aluminum, Stainless, & Cast Iron Construction
  • Pneumatic Conveying and Liquid Applications
  • Complete Range of Bladder Types
  • Flow Control Applications
  • Pinch Bar Bladder Closure System (Manual, Pneumatic or Hydraulic)
  • Flex Valve Air Closure System
  • Complete Range of Pneumatic Controls

    • Excellent for Abrasive Products
    • 100% Positive Shut off
    • High CV Rating
    • Nothing obstructing product flow
    • Easy Maintenance
    • Diversity of Applications
    • Ease of installation
  • Special Assemblies Offered for Diverter Valve and Airlock Applications

xiloMix Silo Control

The purpose of the xiloMix Silo Control is to regulate and integrate all the functions of one or more silos/closed containers during the bulk materials loading process (powder, grain, etc.,) by a pneumatic conveyor. The primary functions of the system can be summed up as follows:

a) Monitoring pressure inside the silo during the loading process to avoid:
  • any overpressure due to insufficient emission of air into the silo by the pneumatic conveyor.
  • any vacuum generated by discharging the silo too quickly or incorrectly (through the pressure relief valve).
Both are harmful for the silo and its components plus they can also pollute the atmosphere and cause hazardous conditions for operators.

b) Centralized control of multiple silos during the loading process encompasses:
  • monitoring the connection of the truck to the silo, verifying the number of silos and monitoring the loading authorization
  • maintaining the maximum and minimum gauge levels
  • ensuring that the compressed air pressure is sufficient for cleaning the filter and feeding the pinch valve
  • regulating the pressure inside silos
  • balancing the loading and simultaneous process status controls of 32 silos
  • untilizing one power supply for each silo meaning a reduction of risk (alarms always need a precise power supply)
  • cleaning all filters automatically at the end of the process
The advantages of the new xiloMix Silo Control system are:
    a) Easy use
    b) Flexibility
    c) Innovative Concept
    d) Safety
    e) Reduced maintenance and lasting reliability thanks to high quality materials.
MIX is able to supply many different components for the silo including: filters with a base ring; pressure relief valves; manholes; pinch valves; paddle level indicators; pressure reducers; connecting kits between the silo and truck for indication of connection; electronic measuring devices; and air reserve tanks.

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